Inspired by the anime movie Summer Wars, that cool King Kazma, my kiddos wanted a rabbit that kicks ass. Well...this one shoots carrots.

King Rabbit screenshot

Back when I have not mastered how to create levels in the games, I simply duplicated whole folders and modified each new one to become another season's game! So there are 4 different flavours to this same game.

Icons of all seasons of Krabbit

Supreme, Summer, Autumn, Night.

In Summer, a Rabbit rose up to become King. Christened himself King Rabbit, Krabbit for short. His favourite pas- time is target practice. Watch him fire away at the dummy!

At Night, King Rabbit does not rest well...he fired at an enemy who sneer at him. But Krabbit has the last laugh when he wears the enemy down and explode him violently.

It is Autumn, King Rabbit is preparing for the coming winter, tired of fighting...but the enemy does not let our King rest. Time to fire away again!

King Rabbit will reign supreme above all the worlds, no one will challenge him without getting shot till it explodes!