Cannon Madness

Cannon Madness

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Before we go into network games, let's detour for a while...I love watching the kids create their own levels. And Cannon Madness is their creation. Ok, I deleted and modified some impossible ones, but all in all, the levels are exciting enough. Try all 15 of them. There is also a final hidden, bonus level at the end. Putting onto App Store now, waiting for review and acceptance. Wait for it. At least a week away from today 5 December 2011.

Here's the funny thing. While exploring everywhere, learning how to write network games, finally learning it...I dumped the idea?!!!?

Why? Because I noticed the kids creating game levels on their own! Impressive, but only possible if the IDE is simple enough...and guess what...the Mac world has such an IDE, the GameSalad. Impressed the xxxx out of me watching the children get creative and having fun too! They just keep wanting to create their own levels and laughing at each other for struggling at their creations! I encouraging sadistic behaviour? I better monitor this and control a bit.

Anyway, here's their favourite creation at the moment, shooting at enemies who really shoot back...albeit with bullets that seem to fly crazily. Nevertheless fun to watch the bullets zip around the screen while you shoot at them and at the enemies at the same time. 15 levels already created, with a hidden bonus level too. Try it out.